Scheduling of operations

Context and stakes

As a real communication channel between planning and execution, the scheduling of operations allow to the optimize the sequence of tasks performed on limited resources in terms of capacity and respecting the specific business rules to each industry. The main challenge is therefore to provide the decision-maker with a realistic solution that can serve as a basis for refining the effective scheduling.

A good scheduling solution is characterized by its ability to integrate business rules and interact dynamically with the user who must be able to test scenarios or manually adjust the proposed results using relevant indicators.

Our answer

To address this need, Planisense offers SimCap Tank, SimCap Quality Control et SimCap Planning and Scheduling generic modules for operation scheduling that use combinatorial optimization methods and heuristics adapted to solving complex problems.

In addition to providing decision-making support to schedulers, Redlog solutions include simulation capabilities to quickly test execution sequences and/or resource allocations.

The Planisense solutions provided

SimCap Tank

Solution dedicated to industrial processes including the use of tanks / vats

SimCap Quality Control

Solution dedicated to planning of quality inspection workloads in the laboratory

SimCap Planning and Scheduling

Solution dedicated to traditional resources such as Machine / Labour