Inventory and Lot Size Optimization

Context and stakes

Indicators for securing flows in the supply chain reveal a number of methodological issues in existing approaches used by companies that continue to suffer the economic consequences of chronic disruptions and/or overstocks. The difficulty in designing an effective safety policy lies in the fact that there is not a single approach that can be agreed upon by planners facing a wide variety of situations, constraints and business challenges (geographical location, type of product, nature of the production process, degree of collaboration with supply chain actors, etc.).

Our answer

To address the issue of flow safety, Redlog offers SoftyStock and SplitCast inventory management and optimization tools, based on robust statistical methods, to maximize the service level while reducing supply and storage costs.

In addition to providing visibility to managers, Redlog solutions offer several customization functions to create solutions that meet the context of each customer.

The Redlog solutions provided


Solution dedicated to the multi-level optimization of planning parameters (Safety stock, Lead times, Lot sizes…)


Solution dedicated to optimizing the period split of monthly forecast requirements over finer time grids