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Our finding on Information Systems: limits on ERPs and APS

ERP effectively manage the integration of logistics and financial processes but remain limited for operational optimization

APS have emerged as an alternative but require large investments for the company and long integration projects

To meet their optimization needs, the managers end up developing heavy MS office tools that are limited and time-consuming regarding data manipulation

Are you in this situation?

PlaniSense: an innovative approach to operational planning

Highly flexible for fast and low-cost implementations

Effective, building on the latest developments in scientific research in the fields of industrial engineering, supply chain management and operational research

Built into your ERP and other existing systems

Robust and capable of handling very large amounts of data
Ergonomic to accelerate the “getting started”

Why PlaniSense?

An innovative approach that adapts to your needs

Operational Efficiency

PlaniSense meets your industrial and logistical optimization needs by mobilizing innovative techniques, methods and tools adapted to the context of your activity.

Highly Customizable Solution

PlaniSense solutions are designed to meet your specific business needs with particular attention to ergonomics.

100% ERP compatible

The applications developed naturally connect to the ERP (including ) using its standard functions. This involves synchronous operation for real-time decision-making.

Agile Project

With Agile management and adapted IS integration technologies, projects for the implementation of PlaniSense solutions are simplified, deadlines shortened, costs reduced and risks minimized.

Operational planning reinvented

Thanks to a web solution integrated to your information system designed to guarantee a unique user experience

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